2020 Schedule TBD

2019 Schedule

Doors open to the public at 9:45am Each Day

Events starting at 10:00am Saturday

1:00pm 3rd Annual Little Apple Pitchcar tournament
Come see who the pitchcar champion is! Flick wooden cars around the track to compete against other players. Prizes for the winner(s) (Prize will be a board game hand picked by Don). No experience Required! Hosted by Don Eisele / TengaiCon Staff.
4:00pm Love Letter tournament
Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck for 2–4 players. Your goal is to get your love letter into Princess Annette's hands while deflecting the letters from competing suitors. This is an easy game you can learn in just a few minutes. Prizes for the winner(s) (Prize will be a board game hand picked by Don). No experience required! Hosted by Don Eisele / TengaiCon Staff.
5:00pm Charity Silent Auction closes
Benefits Manhattan Public Library
7:00pm Zombie Dice tournament
In Zombie Dice, you are a zombie. You want braaains – more brains than any of your zombie buddies. The 13 custom dice are your victims. Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop rolling before the shotgun blasts end your turn! Whoever collects 13 brains first wins. Prizes for the winner(s) (Prize will be a board game hand picked by Don). No experience required! Hosted by Don Eisele / TengaiCon Staff.
8:00pm TengaiCon After Dark
At 8pm, the video game room will be "turned off" and play in the room will be dedicated to games such as Cards Against Humanity, Codenames: After Dark, and Joking Hazard. Must be 18 to enter the room after 8 until close.

Events starting at 10:00am Sunday

12:00pm (tentative)
Codenames: Come see who is the best spymaster in this competitive (or cooperative with Codenames: Duel) deduction game. (Participation prizes given). Hosted by Don Eisele / TengaiCon Staff.
3:00pm (tentative)
Werewolf (One night, Ultimate, or a variant depending on number of people). Werewolves vs. Villagers, who will survive?

All Day Events

Board Game Library
Over 1750 board games (Now includes a selection of RPG games as well)
1 free figurine with entry into con
Roll for prizes
Roll the dice, win prizes
Air Hockey
Air Hockey Table
Retro Video games
  • Atari Flashback
  • NES Classic
  • SNES Classic
  • Sega Flashback
Giant-Size Settlers
Settlers of Konza Flavor - Giant-Size (2ft hexes)!
Giant Tumbling Blocks (Jenga)
Giant sized
Over 3000 dominoes to stack and let fly!
Several books and paper to make wonderful creations.
Pitchcar will be set up all day long.
Several vendors to shop from
Melees in Manhattan II
Experience the recreation of Historical European martial arts. A motley band of routier sets forth to raid for supplies and loot in the fertile countryside of their enemy's lands, only to encounter a patrol of local men-at-arms seeking their own forage. As such, most combatants shall not be clad in fullest armor, being more equipped for the march or skirmish. See the Facebook group for more details - If you wish to participate in this co-located event, please talk to the leaders of the Broken Arm Academy of Swordsmanship.

Doors close to the public at 10:00pm Saturday and 5:00pm Sunday


Pottorf Hall in Cico Park, Manhattan, KS

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Any place in manhattan is 15 minutes max to get to in general.

Lodging can be found on This page


We will have the Two Dudes food truck on site for tasty food!


Manhattan does have air service (MHK). You can also fly into Kansas City and take the shuttle into Manhattan (2 hours). KCI Roadrunner

Manhattan is just off I-70 (exit 313 from the east, exit 303 from the west)

ATA Bus: Take the Orange line to the MATC/CiCo Park dropoff (Saturday only).