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Almost two-thirds of all Americans play video and computer games for an hour or more every day, board game sales have increased by 10% to 20% every year for the last decade, and collectible card games are still earning hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why not join in on the fun at TengaiCon?

The 14th annual TengaiCon gaming convention will be Saturday and Sunday, September 18-19th 2021 in Manhattan KS. Various activities and games will occur throughout the day including newly released game demonstrations, open tables with a lending library of board games, miniature strategy and collectable card game tournaments, and guided role-playing games at scheduled times with sign-ups after doors open at 9:30am. There will be booths with the sponsors, as well as area vendors and artists, and a silent auction for charity. This year will also see the continuation of favorite family activities such as The Dice Table and the miniatures paint-and-take table.

For only $15.00 admission at the door, attendees can enjoy two full days of fun in a unique and friendly atmosphere with a mix of like-minded people including college students, young families, Fort Riley soldiers, and long-time gaming enthusiasts from 10:00am until 10:00pm (5:00pm Sunday). Local resident, Erica Miller, shares why she never misses this event after first attending in 2007, “I think TengaiCon is a great way to meet people from all the different parts of our blended community here in Manhattan. It’s like family game night, all day, hanging out with friends and strangers, eating and laughing.”

After travelling for years to major metro areas to attend comic book and gaming conventions, several Manhattan area game loving residents saw a need to have a convention event closer to home and so have been working to make TengaiCon a fun local event every year since 2006. The name TengaiCon, pronounced ten-guy-con, is a combination of Japanese kanji meaning horizon and skyline with convention, chosen for the location – the Konza Prairie in the beautiful Flint Hills of Manhattan, KS. More information can be found on the Facebook page:

Spread the word and make plans to walk, drive, or take the ATA Bus to Pottorf Hall in CiCo Park on Saturday and Sunday, September 18-19th, 2021 for a unique local scene of “gamers gathering where the open prairie meets the endless sky.”