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Pottorf Hall in Cico Park, Manhattan, KS

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Any place in manhattan is 15 minutes max to get to in general.

Lodging can be found on This page


We will have the Two Dudes food truck on site for tasty food!


Manhattan does have air service (MHK). You can also fly into Kansas City and take the shuttle into Manhattan (2 hours). KCI Roadrunner

Manhattan is just off I-70 (exit 313 from the east, exit 303 from the west)

ATA Bus: Take the Orange line to the MATC/CiCo Park dropoff (Saturday only).


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If you need a phone number, call Don Eisele at 785-341-7999

TengaiCon Officers: "The Triad"

Erica Miller
Don Eisele
Jen Pratt

Current Additional Staff

Ann Warren
Dane Miller
Kelani Schumann

Past Members and Helpers:

Cathy Vollertson, Janet Bozarth, Amanda Felber, Mike Shimek, Josh Pavlisko, Brian Hanson, Micah Weltsch, Lauren Windom, Julie Leone, Sophia Vigil, Angela Preston, Matt Ussary, Chester Decker, Nate Hedrick, Victoria L'Ecuyer, Jon Miles

~We have a long list of people who've helped with TengaiCon this year and in years past. If you don't see your name, let us know so we can thank you!~

We're always looking for a good volunteers! Email and let us know if you want to help out!


What does TengaiCon mean?
The founders of TengaiCon were interested in Japanese culture and wanted to create a name that was related to Japan and also to Kansas.

With our location in the middle of the Konza Prairie where the horizon seems to stretch forever, we found a Japanese word (or kanji) that we liked.

The meanings for that kanji are: "horizon; distant land; skyline; heavenly shores; remote region".

This is the Kanji we are using:
How long has TengaiCon been around?
2006 was the first TengaiCon. However, some of the same organizers were involved with setting up Kansas Game Day 2004, which was a great success. After the 2006 TengaiCon, the Organizers created a board of directors to run additional cons.

Previous Years

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Background image of Konza Prairie
This image was photographed by Jill Haukos of the Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER). We feel that it embodies the heart of the area and loved it so much we got permission to use it. Thanks Jill!
Grey/Green D20 "TC" pip die
Kelani Schumann
3D pip dice (old)
Rendered by Don Eisele
D20 pip logo (old)
Don Eisele
Samurai sunset battle (old graphic)
Lucas Hawk
Dragon and triangle shield (old graphic)
Lucas Hawk
Light green triangle logo (old)
Don Eisele based on Dragon and triangle shield by Lucas Hawk
Black D20 on stylized Konza background (old)
Erica Miller